Who Cares What People Think?!

So I was told yesterday that my blog was…(pause)….dark. I knew at the pause that it was going to be described as such. My intention for starting this blog was to express my innermost feelings. An outlet. What you see and read on here is not all that I am. If that were the case, I’d be a dreadful person to be around! I thought this would be therapeutic because I was not going to restrain myself from anything that I may be feeling. I was also going to keep myself anonymous, but decided to give my identity to two people.

I think anything political, religious, or “deep” in nature is always going to cause a stir or discomfort. I recently opened up on Facebook about my questioning faith. I got a whopping four responses. I knew before I wrote the post that I should have just kept it bottled up. Now I’m thinking the same about this blog. Hindsight is 20/20, right? I tend to do this a lot. I’ll post things and usually regret it afterward. I’m always left feeling stupid. At least with Facebook I can always delete anything that I regret. Here, however, I don’t have that luxury. I could always ask the writer of blog to remove my comment, but then I would just be drawing attention back to something that’s already been forgotten.

Wow, what an epiphany that last paragraph was! I have been relentlessly trying to reverse the mindset that my ex has instilled in my oldest daughter. All the while not even realizing what an effect a certain person has had on me.