Detour Ahead

A few days ago I had an appointment that was a little over an hour away. I gave myself enough time to get there with maybe a little time to spare. Ah, who am I kidding? I leave with just enough time to get there–guilty to a fault. My estimated “getting ready” time never adds up right.

Anyway, the trip started with me having to stop for gas. A setback of approximately 5 minutes–no big deal. Then about twenty minutes down the road, this big ass truck hauling corn feed pulls out in front of me. Being so very careful not to spill any of his load, he pulls out e-x-t-r-a slow, stays left to center for about a mile, then picks up to about 40 mph. Even though dude was driving slow and the corn was flying off of his truck and pinging my car, I was still able to laugh it off. My thought was “Well, perhaps God is saving me from a horrible crash or something”; hence, my previous post/reblog.

I got to the only town I had to drive through and immediately ran into road construction. Great! So I took the detour because I had to and moseyed on along the back roads. While I was still on the back roads, my vision started to screw with me. I was getting blurry, wavy vision right in my central field of view. I was having the “aura” before the migraine–my warning sign. I took 2 Maxalt, put on my sunglasses, and kept chugging along. Although the distorted vision did scare the living shit outta me a tad bit because I was driving, I was still thankful for warning aura. Migraines hurt like a SOB! Thankful or not, I still became a little irritable.

If you don't know what this means, get the hell off the road!

If you don’t know what this means, get the hell off the road!

Probably the worst part of my drive is an overpass/truck stop junction. I swear to you people don’t know what MERGE means. I had this asshole trucker cut me off because he failed to read the sign. Ugh! I’m normally cool and collected while driving, but this day I had a slight case of road rage. After this effer cut me off, I layed on my horn, rolled down my window, and flipped him off. Then I go to roll my window back up and it’s stuck! Not just the driver’s side window, but the passenger side too. They would both continue to go down, but not back up. I had to just shake my head and laugh and tell myself that I deserved it for acting like an idiot. I’m sure I looked pretty stupid talking to myself, but hey, it worked. I think God gave me a break for admitting to acting a fool and my windows starting working again. When the trucker finally turned, I did make a point to make eye contact with him through his side mirror. I’m sure he was very intimidated by my “icy stare” (Si Robertson). 😀

flagmanSpeaking of signs, how could I have missed this one? I nearly ran over a poor female construction worker because I was flustered and not paying attention. I’m not kidding you, it must have been National Road Construction Day because the roads were being worked on everywhere my whole trip. At several points I thought about just turning around and going back home. So much was going wrong that it made me think of a friends recent post: I just knew that if I made it home, I would be very thankful! And thankful I was ’til I got home. I’ll have to save that story for another time.

Glad the road trip was over!

Glad the road trip was over! And glad I never rear-ended the probably 20 cars I came close to just on my way there.


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