Another’s Unique Belief . . . And My Response

What you will read first is from someone else. My comments are below.

“This is only me, and my personal belief, but it has kept me in good stead when I try to make sense of senseless during events like the one you now face:

I truly believe that before our souls ever leave Heaven, we deliberately choose the things we want to experience in our physical form. Lessons we need to learn, the people we will meet, learn from, and/or teach ourselves – whether those people be ‘reasons’, ‘seasons’ or, ‘lifetimes’; the paths we will take, karma we need to work off, the precise time we choose to leave this incarnation – HOW we will leave it, and the legacy we wish to leave behind.

Our individual souls are at different stages of evolution in every lifetime we choose to experience. Some are ‘old souls’, some are in the middle (I know mine is), and yet others are wholly unevolved. I liken it to college grads, ,junior/ high schoolers, and elementary students – God and His angels observe our unique educations here, smile indulgently, and say “Tch. Aren’t they adorable?? Someday they’ll get there.” If we learn our lessons, and we choose to return again, we’ll return more “mature” than last time. Evolved. To me, this is why the evil live longer, and the good die young. Some learn more swiftly than others. Some chose harsher paths to grow faster.

No matter what you personally might think or fear, I know you will not be next. You’ve had an incredibly challenging path, you’re learning and growing from it. You have too much to teach and share with others (like me), to be going anywhere anytime soon. Thank heavens for that! XOXOX”

What you just read is a comment that I read, copied, and pasted from someone else’s blog. It’s so out there that I couldn’t help myself, sorry. How people reach their own belief system boggles my mind sometimes. . . and this one did! 

So this person admits to forming this belief “to make sense of senseless events“. I get that. I’m dumbfounded quite often trying to figure out why things happen. However, sometimes you just have to accept that there’s no way of knowing… not through any particular religion or science can we understand everything.

I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t recall EVER having a conversation with God about what I wanted to experience on Earth. Heck, I don’t recall ever giving the okay that I even wanted to exist! If that conversation did take place, I must have been stoned outta my mind that day. 

Evolution. Sure we’re all evolving. Evolving individually and humanity as a whole. In the same sense that the above person believes? Umm… not so sure about that. “If we learn our lessons, and we choose to return again, we’ll return more ‘mature’ than last time. Evolved.”. I’ve never heard anything quite like that. I think that even those that believe in reincarnation would reject that idea. 

Listen, I’m not trying to come across as a know it all asshole. I guess I’m just confused and intrigued by this person’s beliefs. Nowhere in any particular religion or science have I ever heard such things. Someone enlighten me, please. I’m curious to hear what you think. Comment away! 

Oh, one more thing. Wouldn’t this particular belief system ensure that everyone goes to Heaven? 


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