Man Angry At Sight Of Cleavage

Is he gay? I don’t think so. Is he crazy? Yes, indeed, that he is!

Remember the Wonder Bra I spoke of in an earlier post? If not, this bra is amazing. It’s supposed to give the illusion of being two whole cup sizes bigger than you normally are. I don’t know about all that, but it will make you say “WOW!” It’s the best fifteen bucks a small breasted woman could ever spend. It will have your girls perked up and kissing each other.

Oh my dear god. I cannot wait for the kids to be back in school. I know that sounds awful, but shit, everybody needs some time to themselves. Right? Loud, needy kids + screamin’, needy man = woman that’s about to go postal! My heart is beating uncontrollably right now because I’m trying to hurry and write before HE gets home and I cannot think straight because it’s so damn loud. And, I already know that’s it’s down right crazy that I would have to hide the fact that I enjoy to write. That’s a book in itself. Oh, yeah. I can’t forget my three dogs. It’s no damn wonder I’m nervous all the time. Actually, the anxiety can be completely attributed to HIM. 

A few weeks ago his family had the traditional Christmas dinner. I wasn’t going to go because He had already cried to his mommy for money informed HIS mother that we were getting a divorce. Oh, and made a sympathy post on Facebook so the rest of the family and friends would pity him. So, no–I did not want to go. I highly doubted his mother wanted me there (she has hated me from day 1-honestly!), and I also highly doubted she wanted to pay for my meal. However, his aunt came over to talk to me and asked if I would go and sit with her. I agreed because I love this woman dearly. She is the only sincere, genuine person in his whole family.

I always have an outfit in mind to wear, but it never seems to work out as I planned it in my head. After I had half of my wardrobe strung out across my bedroom, I finally asked my oldest daughter to help me find a nice outfit. I wore a low-cut, v-neck, white blouse, a 3/4 sleeve, waist cut, gray cardigan sweater, black dress pants, and black patent leather peep toe heels. Of course, I wore my special bra because it made me feel good.

While I was getting ready my oldest daughter came to me and said “Dad is mad.” Here’s the conversation they had:

Him: What have you done to my wife?

Her: What do you mean? I think she looks nice.

Him: Yeah, if you want every man staring at her boobs.

So I quickly went from feeling good about myself to feeling like shit. However, out of spite, I didn’t change my outfit. I still maintained my “Fuck You” attitude. I wore my winter scarf and coat and off we went. Long story short, I never took off my scarf and coat the whole time we were there. Right before we left, someone said something to the effect of him being mad and he denied it. I called him on it and then proceeded to unbutton my coat for his whole family to see what he was so bothered by–my cleavage. Quite a few eyebrows raised, but I didn’t care. I knew they would all talk about me regardless, so I just intentionally gave them all something to talk about.

When we got home he had to run his mouth more. He said I looked like I was going to a porno convention. He also likened my cleavage to him showing his scrotum. What an effin dumbass!  Seriously though, my breasts were not hanging out. The top of my cleavage was showing from the v-cut. It was tasteful. I would post a picture if I didn’t fear him so much. Maybe I will someday when I’m finally away and feel safe again.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. He had me feeling so bad that a couple of days later I hopped out of the shower and put the very same outfit back on just so I could take pictures real quick and get a better idea of how I looked. I still see no problem with what I was wearing.

I’d like to know what you all think. Is showing cleavage ever appropriate–no matter the amount exposed? Or, is he just a crazy, insecure, idiot? I go with the latter.






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