Teachers: Never Underestimate Your Influence!

I can honestly say that EVERY teacher I’ve ever had made some sort of impact, impression, or at the very least– a good memory. Keeping into consideration that teachers have had thousands of students throughout their years of teaching, obviously they’re only going to remember stories of great significance.

Throughout school, mainly junior high and high school, I was quite the goofball. Whatever dumbass  bright idea a kid came up with as a prank, I was the go to kid that would do it. So I guess it should go without saying that I had my fair share of cracks and principle visits. The funny thing is that I never got into trouble when sent to the principle’s office. The conversation was always something to this effect:

Principle: What’d you do now?

Me: ____________. (insert any dumbass thing you can think of 😀 )

Then, we would just bull shit for the rest of the period.

Note: Sending kids to the principle’s office is usually the result of the teacher just not wanting to deal with the problem themselves. I call it carelessness. But, hey, what do I know?

Anywho, while in high school I had Mr. C for History, Government, etc. All that crap that young females don’t generally enjoy. (And that’s a fact, Jack! It’s just too damn boring for girls). While in school, I viewed Mr. C as one that couldn’t care less and probably didn’t even know my name. I had that opinion until one day I screwed up somehow and got his attention. I’m thinking at this particular age I was most likely sleeping in his class. God only knows–I don’t even remember that much. Here’s the kicker for me. He didn’t send me to the principle’s office, but instead to the Superintendent’s office. Big difference between the two! It’s quite possible, and most likely that I’ve made too much of it, but this is what I concluded from it. He wasn’t trying to rid me of his class or get me into trouble; rather, he seen a real problem existed within me and sent me for help.

I’ve had the pleasure of reconnecting with Mr. C through Facebook. And to my ultimate surprise, the man is funny as hell! Who’d a thunk’d it? Just today I used fb to blame him for my ignorance in his areas of expertise. Obviously it’s a joke. I am responsible for my own blissful ignorance. So my jab at him and his final response is what brought about this memory.

Final note: If my conclusion is skewed or wrong, I don’t care to know. Let me have my happy memory.





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