Really, You Couldn’t Wait?


I get it that it’s only natural to have sexual desire. I can also understand the excitement of wanting to fulfill those needs outside of the bedroom. Furthermore, I understand that there may not always be a partner, so matters must be taken into your own hands. However, the story I’m about to tell you I still cannot fully grasp.

I’m guessing that I was approximately 22 years old at the time because I was taking my 3-year-old daughter (she is now almost 18 y.o. and I now have a total of 4 daughters 🙂 ) to the babysitter so I could then go to work. I surely wasn’t one of those “Girls Gone Wild” like most at that age. Extremely too conservative–VANILLA. But that’s the past, so let us proceed 😉 .

I’m taking my usual back road route because it’s less traffic and quicker. By less traffic, I don’t mean no traffic! I almost made it. I was turning onto my last road before I seen what will forever be seared into my brain. I notice a motorcycle parked damn near in the ditch, next to the stop sign onto the road I’m turning. Of course I’m going to look. What the hell was he doing there? Did he need help? I think he got all the help he needed when his eyes locked mine.

Masturbating… On a motorcycle… In broad daylight… On a well-frequented road. Wth??? I was in complete shock and disgust. I ran into my babysitter’s home telling her the story and insisting that we call the Sheriff. She laughed her ass off. Jokes non-stop. Now that I’m older I, too, think it’s very funny. Accommodation Rd. has now been respectively renamed Masturbation Rd.


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