Expectations Too High?


Sense and Sensitivity: Why we help others instead of ourselves

**The link above is now working**

This article describes me to a T. I can’t say that I’m particularly fond of or proud to be this way. Actually, I feel quite the opposite. I am embarrassed to admit that this is me. I can “play” hard ass when I need to, but the truth is, I’m not. I can’t “thicken my skin” as some would suggest. I naturally care too much and get my feelings hurt very easily. I think that deep down I just expect others to react/respond in a way similar to myself. A mutual, humane respect is all. It doesn’t have to be anything of great significance that would cause me to feel hurt and rejected. Cognitively I’m very aware that these little things should be brushed away without a care or second thought. Sometimes I can resist, while other times I will retort to snooty and sarcastic remarks. I know this is no way to react. Quite childish, really. I get a “quick fix” of satisfaction reacting this way, only to be followed by immediate guilt, remorse, and humiliation. I want so much to be wanted–by the right person! More than that, I need to be loved the way I give love.

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