Taxi Cab Confessions

*Originally published Oct. 23, 2013*


Woman: [crying]

Man: What’s wrong?

Woman: I don’t know.

Man: Well something has to be wrong. You’re crying.

When we [women] say that we don’t know why we are crying, that’s the truth. We’re all crazy! Hormones all over the place–we are a mess. So when I said in a previous post that men were simple and women were infused with everything fit for a dozen, hormones is what I was mostly referring to. That and a little more brain power. You think it’s hell to live with us, try being us. We drive ourselves nuts. Today I may be fine. Tomorrow I just might be asking myself what the eff is wrong with me. Ahh, crazy I tell ya! Precisely why we need male friends. Maybe I’ll touch on that another time.

I’m sure most of you have seen at least one episode of HBO’s Taxi Cab Confessions. Something to watch when you’re bored and there’s nothing better on television. Some can be quite amusing. Pretty much like my blog–no holds barred. I watched an episode recently that really got me laughing. Women do have it pretty hard. Pregnancy for instance–we like to pull that card a lot. Anyway, there was a transgender prostitute in the back of the taxi spilling shis guts about everything. He/she–what the hell do I call this person? I’ll go with she because that’s what he was presenting herself as. She told of a period in her life when she took female hormones. I guess that’s the first step to becoming a woman. She couldn’t handle it. This man wanted to be a woman so bad, sex change and all, but could not handle female hormones. She said she was a mess. Crying all the time, moody, irritable–the whole nine. It was so damn funny to me because finally a man experienced and confessed the hell a woman goes through nearly every month.

This was quite refreshing. My hormonal imbalance seemed to have shifted a bit. Just don’t call me crazy, or a bitch, or a crazy bitch. Only I can say that about myself. That’ll definitely shift my hormones the wrong way.


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