I Know Who I Am


I’ve had a misconception of not knowing who I am. Like I’ve been lost and needed to be found. But that’s not true at all. I have made sacrifices along the way out of love for others. I’ve conformed to what I was told I was to be. I bought into the lies that were nailed into my head. I allowed myself to be controlled and manipulated, all the while not really grasping the significance of what was really going on.

The real me is happy. I love to be free to act goofy and laugh. I will be the first to laugh at myself when I do or say something silly.

I genuinely care about people–all people. And I hold to the belief that everybody has good inside of them. I can get mad or upset, but cannot hold a grudge. Memories cannot be erased, but love always trumps evil.

I’ve been on this ridiculous search to find my calling. Why? Because I believed the lies. I am a nurse. I love the field of medicine. I read medical journals for enjoyment. I like taking everything I’ve learned to reach that impossible diagnosis. Furthermore, I love the fact that this reading sparks new ideas that may not have even been thought of yet. Quite frankly, I just love to learn.

I’m often surprised at the new things I enjoy after taking the time to learn about them. I’m very open-minded and take pride in that. Growing in knowledge–wisdom–is impossible without having an open mind. I also enjoy sharing my gained knowledge with others. Teaching. Educating.

I don’t need to figure out who I am. I’ve been here all along. I know my passions, my interests, the things that excite me. I know me. Now I’m ready to share my true self. Love me or hate me, it makes no difference. From here on out–I will be true to myself!


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