Hot or Not?

Note: This was my 2nd post ever on this blog, so obviously I didn’t get the responses/participation that I was expecting.

 **Originally posted on June 14, 2013**

Of course I have my own opinion(s) that I will share, but first I’d like to get

some poll results and even a few comments before I continue with my thoughts.

The picture above is not of my body, but the resemblance is uncanny. Unfortunately, my stretch marks are not limited to my mid-section. I have them in places that I didn’t even know was possible because I had never seen anyone with stretch marks where I have them. I have them on my breasts (which isn’t that uncommon), entire back of thighs, and inner thighs extending down behind my knees and onto my calves. This is all the result of going from 120 lbs to 189 lbs in my first pregnancy. I had serious complications that caused the major swelling and weight gain, but that’s not pertinent to this post.

The point of this post is for women to fess up and tell the truth. Hopefully, in turn, men will gain some insight and not be so damn superficial. The only difference between now and 18 years ago is that I’ve learned to accept them. For the first few years after giving birth, I wouldn’t even wear shorts because I was so self-conscious of the scars that remained to be purple in color. It also didn’t help that my husband laughed and made jokes saying that my body looked like a road map. Women are very sensitive when it comes to their bodies and men need to be mindful of this. By the same token, women need to be honest and quit saying that they’re happy being overweight, love their stretch marks, or whatever else that clearly bothers them.  C’mon ladies! Change the things that can be changed and learn to accept that which cannot.

Final thoughts: “Tiger stripes” are not in the least bit attractive and should not be flaunted like some badge of honor.

This picture (to me) depicts one common ideology that speaks to men and women alike: Stretch marks obtained during pregnancy is a more common occurrence than not. Learn to accept them because you’re not alone.

Also remember that the beautiful women we idolize are all photoshopped; but, never let that be an excuse to not be the best you.


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