Put A Sock In It Already!


shut_up_018You know it’s bad when you’re getting on your own damn nerves because you speak or type almost anything that pops into your crazy effin head! I seriously need a silencer. A buzzer would be nice. A very loud buzzer to blast into my ear drums to stop me from making a fool of myself.

Why are you so open, you ask? I don’t have a freakin’ clue! I’m a shameless open book to the entire world. I have WAY too much free time on my hands to just think about stuff. . . the past, the present, and the future. That’s all I do is just think, think, think. Normally, here would be the point at which I would explain to you why I have so much free time and go into great detail. I’m refraining from that. I’ve got to get a grip–NOW!

*Note to self: Bottle that shit up, throw it away, and get on with your life!

put_a_sock_in_it__bella_jade__by_bellajade-d63a8wfI Originally published February 28, 2014


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