Never Negotiate With Fear Or Mediocity


This is an article that I found at This is a must read for all- not just salespeople. 

If you negotiate with fear you will lose. You must also know that Doubt and Uncertainty are the appetizers of fear. Your mind feeds off of them until you become full of fear. If you allow fear to enter your thoughts, the thing that you fear will grow until it eventually owns your thoughts. Once your thoughts are owned, your actions are owned.


Fear is paralyzing.


Fear is probably the number one killer of dreams. Why? Because fear prevents action!


Regarding mediocrity, it is like a vacuum. It sucks you in and holds you there.


Get my point about fear and mediocrity? This is serious business!


“Doubt and Uncertainty are the appetizers of fear. Your mind feeds off of them until you become full of fear.” – Mike Rodriguez


Now here is the great news: You do not have to accept fear. It is your choice. Look at it this way: Fear is actually your very own brain, hyper thinking about the things that you are worrying about and creating potential situations and their possible outcomes, all of which usually NEVER HAPPEN! That’s right. Studies have shown that most things that we are afraid of or worry about never happen.


Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” When I was younger I didn’t understand this quote and would say things to myself like, “Well he doesn’t know my situation.” I can tell you from personal experience that probably 99.99% of the things that I have worried about in my life have never come true.


When it comes to sales, it’s easy to doubt yourself and your abilities. It’s easy to fear cold calling, fear rejection, a big sales call or maybe even making a presentation. You might even fear success.


You must get to the point that you choose to think positive and healthy thoughts. Thoughts that are empowering. The kind that drive your mind to act and to do. Thoughts that remind you of your goals, your purpose and your passions. You must think of the end result and you must visualize your own success. You must believe in yourself and face the thing or things that you fear the most.


As you face your fears, you will defeat your fears.


Your fears then strengthen you and you become stronger and more confident. Fear can be paralyzing or fear can be controlled.


You can and must overcome your fears to help you become a better you and an exceptional salesperson.


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