Forever Changed

**Originally published June 12, 2013- My very first post**


You said you were sorry, but you did it again

Not once, not twice, but more times than I can count

Every sip you took intoxicated my brain

Down a drink, down a bottle—what’s it matter?

Your temporary fix changed me forever

Life as I knew it will never be the same

No apology, forgiveness, or therapy can erase these dreadful memories

Everyone is a predator—alcohol the enemy

Daughters I’ve been blessed with…or a curse it may be

Confined to the house or within my sight

Because even the most trustworthy can surprise you, Right?

In my mind is a living hell

I know my thoughts are irrational

But I wear a mask and wear it well

Not like yours though, let’s not get confused

Protector I am—rooted by fear

Preaching forgiveness is done in vain

Although I’ve tried, I still hate you anyway

You’ve never been sorry—never changed your ways

What was so horrible in your childhood to make you this way?

Since I’m being honest

Pouring out my heart from its very core

I may fight daily demons

But it’s you I feel most sorry for



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