And Then God Made. . .

God made man. Man was lacking. Then God made woman to complement man–big problem here.

Seriously folks. Don’t you ever wonder what in the world God could have been thinking when He made men and women to be compatible? Men, for the most part, are very simple beings. Sometimes too simple. Then women on the other hand have been infused with everything suitable to be fit for a dozen people. See the problem? We don’t complement each other, we irritate each other.

We don’t understand each other. This has been the problem from the beginning of time. And unless you are a very patient and caring person and meet a person with those same attributes, it’ll never work. Men and women will always butt heads.

Men: If you think that all beautiful women are with “average” looking men only for their money or fame–you are so very wrong. Granted, there are some women like that, but not the majority. Women need a man who can engage in meaningful conversation–an intellectual listener. I would choose a mediocre looking man who can stimulate my mind any day over a good-looking, arrogant man! 


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