I’m Afraid He’s Right

SP_287881_HO_LANGEMy ex always told me that nobody will want a woman that’s been divorced twice and has four kids. As much as I hate to admit it, I think he’s right. Or, at least, partially right.

I know what I want in mate. Typically, these traits that I desire are only found in older men. And when it comes to older men, the last thing they want in their life is the burden of children. I can understand this. As crazy as it may sound, I don’t want to be burdened with someone else’s children. Believe me, I know how horrible that sounds!

So do I just take what I can get for the sake of not being lonely? That’s been my history. I really don’t want to repeat my history! Or, do I learn to be content with only my children by my side for the next decade?

It’s mostly adult interaction that I crave and sometimes intimacy. By intimacy, I don’t mean just sex. Rather, someone to just hold me. Through that touch I want to feel genuine love, trust, and security. I have my ups and downs as we all do, but I know I’m strong enough to wait however long it takes for the right person.


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